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  • Why You Should Include Jerky in Your Emergency Survival Kit

    Planning for natural disasters and global situations means preparing an emergency survival kit. Check out why you should include jerky with your other supplies.
  • Top Tips To Add More Iron to Your Diet Effectively

    People don’t realize iron is a vital part of a healthy diet, as it keeps the body going. Here are some top tips to add more iron to your diet.
  • What To Know About Nitrates, Nitrites, and MSG in Jerky

    Many people think they know all about the health facts of jerky, but you can find the truth in this guide to nitrates, nitrites, and MSG in jerky.
  • How To: The Process of Making Hand-Crafted Jerky

    If you ever want a unique type of jerky for yourself, learning the process of making hand-crafted jerky is a great way to make it if you can’t find it online.
  • Top 5 Sweet-Flavored Jerkies From Lee’s Market Jerky To Try

    If you don’t know, jerky comes in a variety of flavors, with more coming every year. Here are the top 5 sweet-flavored jerkies from Lee’s Market Jerky to try.
  • Jerky as a Superfood Can Help Combat Stress

    It may come as a surprise, but there’s evidence that grass-fed beef jerky, as a superfood, can help combat stress, fight off cancer, and improve immune health.
  • The Rich and Flavorful History of Jerky

    By reading this article, you will absorb the rich and flavorful history of jerky. This story about innovation and entrepreneurship is distinctly American.
  • What You Need to Know About the Curing Process for Jerky

    If you’re curious about what you need to know about the curing process for jerky, look no further than this article, which will dive deep into the topic.
  • How Does Flavored Jerky Get Its Flavor?

    If you are a jerky connoisseur, you may ask yourself, “How does flavored jerky get its flavor?” It’s a fair question. Most people have no idea wher...
  • Learning To Read a Jerky Nutrition Label Correctly

    People who work to improve their health will quickly receive an education in food science. How much fat and cholesterol you should intake, what a s...
  • 3 Common Misconceptions About Jerky

    Jerky is an ever-present food in snack food aisles across the world. But its categorization as a “snack” creates a limited perspective in the publ...
  • What To Know Before Feeding Jerky To Pets

    A look into what to know before feeding jerky to pets will reveal the potential dangers of giving an animal food that’s designed for human consumption.
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