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How Does Venison Jerky Taste? Here’s What Sets It Apart

How Does Venison Jerky Taste? Here’s What Sets It Apart

Big game hunting is a popular sport in America; millions of individuals love eating these wild creatures. The differences in genetics and lifestyle make the meat from antlered ungulates far different than beef from cows. This is true for jerky, too, as the meat from different animals dramatically affects the characteristics of the beloved snack. So, how does venison jerky taste? Read on to discover more about the flavor of venison and other aspects that sets it apart from other animals.

The Taste

The taste of venison is relatively difficult to describe, even for people who eat the meat often but especially for those who’ve never had it for a meal or snack. Let’s compare it to other red meat, specifically beef. Beef is hearty and fatty, leaving you with a warm, juicy aftertaste. Venison, on the other hand, is far richer in flavor with earthy undertones. Whereas cows eat a farm diet of grass and feed, big game animals consume nuts, fruit, leaves, and other wild plants/foliage. This gives them that distinct, earthy taste that beef doesn’t possess.

Venison is often regarded as “gamey,” meaning musky, bitter, or pungent. This is again due to its wild nature away from regulated farm life. Some people prefer this flavor, while others prefer something mild. Luckily, proper seasoning and preparation can reduce the intensity of that gamey taste, making it perfect for a jerky snack.

The Texture

Aside from taste, the texture of venison is noticeably different from other types of meat. Deer and elk are muscular, often lean animals. While beef is often described as juicy, fatty, and succulent, venison is far more firm. The smooth texture shares similarities with other big game animals and even poultry. This doesn’t mean that deer and elk meat is always extra chewy or drier than beef – when prepared right, venison (especially jerky) can be exceptionally tender.

Health Benefits

Its numerous health benefits are the most significant aspect of venison jerky that sets it apart from all other red meats. Venison meat is, as stated before, far less fatty – specifically, a lower level of saturated fats, which causes heart and cholesterol issues. Additionally, it provides some of the most complete proteins, helping boost your physical growth and mental health. Thanks to their wild diets, venison is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Even farm-raised deer and elk produce spectacularly healthy jerky!

Venison might not be for everyone, but its distinct flavor is something you must experience at least once in your life. Plus, many other unique aspects of big game meat make it the perfect snack or meal. Whether you’re in love with deer and elk meat or want to try it out, we have quality venison jerky for sale here at Lee’s Market Jerky for you to enjoy!

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