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Taste Review


Written by guest jerky reviewer Paul Rekker

When I open the bag I smell soy. The pieces are huge. They are long and thick and are in between soft and hard, and the texture is favorable, not perfect, but darn near close. The jerky leaves a small amount of oily residue on your fingers.

When I bite into these “very meaty, very tasty” treats, I am met with a myriad of spectacular flavors. The salt is at a high (yet very manageable level), and there is minimal sweet (another bonus), pepper (also at a high yet delicious level), garlic, onion, soy, and natural beef. I feel like I am eating “strips of steak”.

This might very well be my favorite flavor of beef jerky in quite some time, it delivers on ALL things intended in a delectable jerky snack. This jerky reminds me a bit of The Smoked Factory’s jerky, not so much in texture but in flavor and addictability, this flavor is coming through in spades.

Gentlemen, excuse me while I go and grab a drool bag or something. There is a puddle forming at my feet from all the excessive saliva emanating from my mouth. D*mn, this flavor is, as Jimmy from Good Times used to say, “DYNAMITE!!!!!

We have hit paydirt here as a no-brainer 10/10, or 100/10, etc. Two thumbs way up!!!👍👍 Gentlemen?

Written by guest jerky reviewer Stéphane Leclerc

Lee’s Market – Original Beef Jerky is truly outstanding, and it just made my Top 3 Beef Jerky list. These folks really know their jerky, and they’ve unlocked the magical ingredients. The aroma, texture, and flavor are out of this world. The flavor profile is rich and deep, and as the texture is a conductor of flavor, the thickness of these strips makes this beautiful jerky stands in its own class. I am absolutely amazed by Lee’s Market – Original Beef Jerky, the beefy flavor is front and center, and it is properly complemented by its seasoning and not the other way around. There are other flavors like soy present, and they stick to their own lane. This is a fantastic representation of what an Original Flavor should be, and it delivers in spades. This delicious masterpiece rightfully deserves an easy 10/10 Taste Rating. My question and only dilemma are: Where can I buy some more?

Here is what Mark had to say about this original beef jerky flavor from Lee’s Market: “Thanks Paul and Stéphane for the glowing taste reviews. It is unanimous. This is an outstanding jerky flavor. Initially, I thought it was too salty (may have been too peppery), but as I consumed more strips, it turned out not to be too distracting. The texture is interesting because most of these strips are quite thick, where the saltiness is not quite as prevalent.” “These strips are akin to eating steak out of a bag. If you look at the ingredient list, it is mainly a homemade Worcestershire sauce. Anchovies is an underrated jerky ingredient. In any case, Lee’s Market knocks this flavor out of the park. A no-brainer Excellent (10/10) taste rating will be awarded. Two thumbs way up!!!👍👍 Excellent (10/10) – Taste Rating  


Written by guest jerky reviewer Stéphane Leclerc

Lee’s Market – Mango Habanero Chicken Jerky is absolutely delicious, and it is a testament to the balance of flavors. Each flavor is light, subtle and remains in the background while nicely accentuating and enhancing the overall taste of the meat. The flavor profile focuses on the Mango and Habanero, Black Pepper, and I also notice some smokiness in the background, amongst many other delicious flavors. Each ingredient is tastefully balanced between sweetness, acidity, and spiciness as a whole. The delicious taste of the Habanero peppers pleasantly comes through without an assault on the ol’ taste buds. The aroma and texture are fantastic, and the meat’s tenderness also contributes to delivering more delicious flavors. Lee’s Market – Mango Habanero Chicken Jerky does not claim to be a Spicy or Hot Flavor, and it delivers in spades on wonderful flavors. I truly enjoyed this fantastic treat, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Habanero while also choosing to give their taste buds a little break. In my own opinion, this is an easy 10\10 Taste Rating. God Speed!   


Written by guest jerky reviewer Paul Rekker

When I open the bag I immediately detect the smell of vinegar. The strips are very long and quite thick. The jerky is softish and relatively easy to chew. There is some oily residue left on your fingers after handling the jerky.

The first flavors that jump right out at me are the salt, at a pretty high level (a good thing), next to no sweet (another bonus), pepper, garlic, natural beef, and the unmistakable Cajun flavor. The jerky is quite juicy, which I very much like.

You were right that this Cajun flavor is very addictive. I am thoroughly enjoying this jerky. This Cajun flavor is exactly as advertised. Color me very impressed. A no-brainer 10/10 for this flavor. Two thumbs way up!!!👍👍 Gentlemen?

Written by guest jerky reviewer Stéphane Leclerc

Lee’s Market – Cajun Beef Jerky checks all the boxes. My secret is out, I’ve used a combination of Red, Black, and White pepper in my dishes for as long as I can remember, and Lee’s Market has also figured out the magic. I find mixing all three generates amazing results where they complement each other to perfection, and Lee’s Market knows it too.

The aroma and texture are amazing. I absolutely love this tender and chewy texture, as it contributes beautifully to deliver maximum flavor. The beef, the saltiness, and some sourness are at the forefront. The flavor profile is rich and has a great depth of flavor. There are so many great and well balanced flavors, such as garlic, onion, smokiness et al. I can also lightly taste the anchovies, which bring much umami flavor without being fishy.

Lee’s Market – Cajun Beef Jerky has a pleasant spiciness. However, this beautiful jerky focuses on flavor and not on the burns. I am absolutely in love with this amazing jerky, it is incredibly addictive, and this is by far, my favorite Cajun Beef Jerky to date.

This is without a doubt a solid 10\10 Taste Rating. Godspeed!

Here is what Mark had to say about this Cajun beef jerky flavor from Lee’s Market: “Thanks Paul and Stéphane for the enthusiastic taste reviews. Wow guys, not much else that I can add. This Cajun flavor was advertised as not being that hot. To my surprise and pleasure, there was a respectable kick from the delicious flavor of cajun, which is at the forefront.

My portion was gone in no time, a surefire sign that I loved this jerky. Perhaps most impressive about Lee’s Market is the hand sliced jerky strips’ masterfully marinated texture. It is unanimous with a slam dunk Excellent (10/10) taste rating awarded. Take a bow Lee’s Market. You are a diamond in the rough. Two thumbs way up!!!👍👍”

This 8 ounce/226.8 gram bag of beef jerky sells for $16.79. That works out to $2.10 an ounce, which rates as a cheap price.

Excellent (10/10) – Taste Rating

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