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What Is Jerky?

Here at Lee’s Market Jerky, we pride ourselves on creating premium hand-crafted jerky that blows your tastebuds away and keeps you coming back for more. We love jerky, and we do our best to ensure that you love it too! However, we sometimes run into a simple yet important question: “what is jerky?” And we’re here to answer that for you so that you can find the perfect flavor and meat combination for you.

The plain and simple answer to “what is jerky?” In short, it’s smoked/dehydrated meat.

Now that the simple answer is out of the way, let’s get to the finer details of what makes this on-the-go snack so special. Jerky is meat that has been sliced, marinated—typically with salt, but other flavor options and marinades are available—then that meat is smoked and dehydrated so that it becomes shelf-stable. By smoking/dehydrating the meat, it removes the moisture to allow it to keep longer without removing any of the nutrients that come in the protein naturally. Jerky, no matter the meat used, is typically high in lean protein and low in fat, which is why it’s such a great snack.

Here at Lee’s, we offer a wide variety of proteins. Our most popular is our beef, but we also offer chicken, turkey, venison, elk, buffalo, ostrich, alligator, kangaroo and camel in a multitude of flavor profiles, so you can find your favorite flavor and meat combinations. Our jerkies are marinated with a wide variety of seasonings and liquid ingredients to ensure that any flavor you purchase packs a punch! We offer both the standard 8oz package of jerky and bundle packs, so you can try multiple flavors to see which is your favorite.

So now you know the answer regarding what jerky is—and you are free to find your favorite flavors and meat to take on your next adventure, whether that’s hiking in the mountain or a midday snack at the office. Lee’s Market Jerky has your back with premium hand-crafted jerky.

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