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Tips on Picking a Jerky Care Package for College Students

Tips on Picking a Jerky Care Package for College Students

Many struggles come with living away from home, and adjusting to new habits in a new space will take time. Food is always a good source of comfort, but there isn’t always an affordable option that will hold you over. Fortunately, you can always count on your family to send you something good, and what better way to feel like a college student than with a wonderful package of jerky?

What Is a Jerky Care Package?

A jerky care package is similar to a regular one that you would send to a college student or someone you care about. The package will contain food, letters, or items to show that you care and you’re thinking about them. Jerky care packages come with various options for different jerky in various quantities. College students will love a care package like this and enjoy the delicious content even more.

Mix and Match Flavors

Jerky can be made from many different meats, and each type has different flavors and ingredients added. If you don’t know what the recipient likes, you’ll want to cover your bases by mixing and matching different flavors when picking a jerky care package. Given the multitude of tastes, there are bound to be at least a couple that the college student will enjoy. Plus, they can share with their new friends.

Include Complimentary Foods

Complementary foods such as cheese or soups will go great with the tastiness of jerky. More food is never bad for a college student. Having various options will make them feel better when dealing with upcoming deadlines.

Lean Into Their Tastes

Everyone has different tastes, so picking out their jerky care package will be easier if you know what the college student likes. If they prefer something mild, sweet, or spicy, you have plenty of packages to choose from that revolve around those tastes. Or, if you need to, try and select a custom-made package and place your specific choices inside; most sites with beef jerky for sale will give you this option.

Beef jerky is a great snack for college students throughout the year. And by sending a care package filled with jerky, you’ll support that student by keeping their stomach full and their taste buds satisfied.

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