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6 Ways To Add Jerky to Your Favorite Recipes

6 Ways To Add Jerky to Your Favorite Recipes

Many people eat jerky because of its convenience and flavor, and they enjoy the health benefits that come with it. Like many types of meat, jerky will give an added flavor to various meals to make them more nutritious and hardy. Jerky also helps make other recipes more delectable. These are some recipes that can benefit from the addition of jerky.


Many people enjoy omelets because of their soft and fluffy texture, but the best parts of an omelet come from the ingredients inside. An omelet may include a variety of ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, cheese, and even fruits. The fluidity of an egg yolk is perfect for incorporating other foods, and the mixture of flavors blends well with the neutral taste of an egg.

Omelets With Jerky Inside

Adding meat inside an omelet is a common choice when cooking a delicious morning breakfast, and when you use jerky, you’ll start your morning off right. Chopping or mincing jerky and sprinkling it onto the egg before folding it into an omelet is a great way to improve your dish. The omelet’s light texture and the jerky’s dried surface will synergize well. Plus, the flavors of jerky will also peak through the taste of the egg, creating a delicious meal.


Soups come in various forms, providing many options for everyone’s palates. There are also many ingredients and seasonings that you can add to your soup to bring out the tastes of the different foods in the broth. Stock, meats, vegetables, and noodles will improve the soup and differentiate it from others.

Soups With Jerky Mixed In

Jerky mixed into the soup will bring a special flavor to your taste buds. Depending on the soup, it may have a spicier flavor after you incorporate the jerky. Adding meat to a soup creates a hearty meal that fills you up and keeps you full for longer periods. Using various types of jerky, such as beef jerky or gourmet turkey jerky, will give the soup a particular taste that will combine well with the other ingredients to create a flavorful meal.


Many foods wouldn’t be as delicious as they are if it weren’t for the sauce. A sauce may have a spicey flavor or a sweet taste that adds an exciting twist to a meal. Many entree recipes call for a sauce that will moisten the food or liven the flavor of a generic meal. There are many different recipes for sauces that use a plethora of other ingredients from all categories of the food pyramid.

Sauces Mixed With Jerky Bits

Some sauces may come with large chunks of food that will give you more to chew on as you eat. Pieces of jerky bits will improve your favorite sauce recipe by adding a balanced texture from the meat absorbing the liquid. The moisture from the sauce will soften the jerky, adding extra bits of flavor to every bite. The mixture of the jerky and the sauce also improves the main course that you put the sauce over. Even if your main dish already contains meat, you can enhance the flavors with a jerky sauce on top.

Fried Rice

The taste of fried rice distinctly differs from regular white or brown rice. Many people often fry the rice in soy sauce and mix it with vegetables and some meats while in a wok. You move the ingredients around in the wok in a circular pattern, causing their flavors to combine while staying strong. Many food items will go well with fried rice, such as peas, baby corn, and beans. There are also a variety of meats that pair nicely with fried rice, including jerky.

Fried Rice and Jerky

Many people eat fried rice with meats, and jerky will make a great addition to your favorite fried rice recipe. Teriyaki beef jerky is a wonderful option to add to fried rice or stir fry. The teriyaki’s slight tang and delectable sweetness will pair well with the minor sweetness that comes with fried rice. When you combine the soy sauce flavor with the savory taste of jerky, it will enhance both ingredients. Plus, the vegetables in the mix will add nutrition and create a more filling meal.


There are numerous options of items to place between slices of bread, so the variety of sandwiches in the world continues to grow. Sandwiches will have meat, vegetables, sauces, dairy, and almost any other ingredient you can place between two slices of bread. Also, sandwiches will fill you up easily, making them a great meal.

Sandwiches With Strips of Jerky

Using slices of meat inside a sandwich will help it gain more fulfilling tastes and create a filling meal. Strips of jerky will make a great filling for a sandwich and still leaves room for other ingredients. Vegetables and other types of meat will go well with the jerky you use. You may also mince the jerky and sprinkle it on the sandwich to add a tasty crunch to its inside or outside while enjoying the bold flavors of the other ingredients.


Pasta has numerous recipes, and all of them are filling and nutritious. If you want to turn pasta into a delicious dish, you would normally include alfredo or tomato sauces, seasonings, spices, and some form of meat. You’ll typically find that larger chunks of beef pair well with the noodles in the dish.

Pasta and Jerky

Although this combination isn’t a recipe you’ll see often, pasta and jerky will create a wonderful meal. The moisture of the pasta and the dry, seasoned meat of the jerky makes a delicious meal. The texture of the jerky will become softer due to the moisture in the dish, and any flavors of the meat will mix into the pasta. Using minced jerky or chunks of it will round out the meal, providing a delicious taste and plenty of protein and carbohydrates.

Jerky will go well with numerous meals and improve the taste of many different recipes. If you have a recipe that calls for meat or will taste better with meat included, consider using jerky as your meat of choice.

6 Ways To Add Jerky to Your Favorite Recipes
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