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Small Gift and Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Foodies

Small Gift and Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Foodies

Giving someone the right gift to show you care about their interests is important. Foodies have a keen fascination with food and the numerous ways to make it, sometimes making it difficult to find the best gifts to place in their stockings. But some items will make foodies feel joy as they peek into their stockings on Christmas morning.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Most rolling pins come in a single format, are usually bulky, and require handles that may be ineffective. An adjustable rolling pin will create a more controlled roll, with your palm rolling directly on the roller.

An adjustable rolling pin is a cylindrical stick with rubber bands at each end that allow you to adjust the "size" of the roller. Foodies will appreciate this tool and the possibilities it brings to their baking for the upcoming year.

Various Spices

Spices are the lifeblood of some of the best meals and snacks. There are dozens of spices and spice blends to try, all of which will make a great stocking stuffer for foodies.

Spices come in small containers that can easily fit into stockings; and if you're unsure of which spices to buy, the person you're buying them for will most likely have a collection already. Look through their spices and take note of what’s running low, so you can help them expand their array of spices to use in the dishes they make.

A Pack of Delicious Jerky

Jerky comes in various flavors and textures that just about anyone will find tasty. Foodies will enjoy this small stocking stuffer when they find it in their stocking and when they taste it. 

Stuffing a stocking with some pre-packaged beef jerky or a beef jerky alternative from Lee's Market Jerky is sure to brighten up their holiday with a delicious mix of well-cooked meat and spices.

Veggie Brush

It's important to wash your vegetables before cooking them. A vegetable brush will clean the dirt and wax off any vegetables. They work well for foodies who enjoy going to farmers markets and want to clean the vegetables before bagging them.

The brush works well on carrots, potatoes, and other nonporous vegetables. Foodies will appreciate this tool and find great use in it and its sanitary purposes.

Stocking stuffers and smaller gifts are an important part of the holidays. Foodies will appreciate these gifts when they open their stockings and gift boxes with excitement on Christmas morning.

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