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6 Amazing Jerky and Cheese Pairing Suggestions

6 Amazing Jerky and Cheese Pairing Suggestions

For many people, combining cheese’s creamy and somewhat acidic flavor with the toughness and rich flavors of meat is a great way to please the tastebuds. There are numerous types of meat to pair with cheese, but some of the most amazing pairings may come from using jerky. There are endless jerky and cheese combinations that will show you unique flavors and leave you wanting more.

Why Do Meat and Cheese Work Well Together?

The main idea behind combining meats and cheeses is using two opposing flavors to make a delicious mixture while also focusing on coordinating traits to bring out a balanced taste. For example, if you have meat that has a salty taste and soft texture, you should combine it with a semi-hard cheese with a sweet flavor.

The contrasting tastes will blend well together to make a whole new experience. Both foods may also have a similar tang. By combining both, you will celebrate that tang and enjoy it with the tastes of the other flavor notes of each item. As long as you keep in mind that both foods have distinctive, contrasting tastes, the rest should fall into place as you chew.

Why Are Jerky and Cheese a Good Match?

Jerky is a particular type of meat that comes from an animal’s muscles. People either hand it to dry, salt it, and sometimes smoke the meat. The tough jerky texture goes well with cheese, which is normally creamy and tangy. Cheese and jerky each offer a range of tastes, textures, and flavors depending on the type and how it’s made. This variety allows for endless jerky and cheese pairings to try. Read on to discover six popular options for starting this gastronomic journey.

Spicy Jerky and Gouda

Numerous types of spicy jerky come from different meats. Beef is the best option when you want a spicy kind of jerky, given its thickness and how the spice compliments the flavor. Gouda is a great pairing for any spicy jerky because of its sweet and slightly caramelized taste.

Salty and sweet pair well together and make a flavorful contrast in your mouth. Neither the gouda nor the spicy jerky will overpower each other, and you’ll be able to taste the strength in both. Gouda is also a semi-hard cheese, so it will match the denseness that comes with the many proteins in red meats.

Nutrition Benefits

Gouda provides plenty of nutrients, including various vitamins and minerals. You will have more calcium and zinc with every bite to improve bone strength and brain power. The added protein from the jerky will help you build muscle and supply sodium.

Honey BBQ Chicken Jerky and Manchego

The delicious taste of honey BBQ is one that many people enjoy. If you want a mild flavor of spice with a sweet texture that coats the mouth, honey BBQ chicken jerky is a great choice. The chicken is enjoyable and won’t overpower other flavors and textures when combined with other foods such as Manchego. Manchego is a semi-hard cheese with an earthy, nutty taste and a creamy aftertaste of sheep’s milk.

Manchego cheese and honey BBQ jerky is a great jerky and cheese pairing due to the honey BBQ flavor marrying the earthy tones of the cheese. This contrasting introduction of flavors will set the taste in your mouth before making way for the tanginess of the sheep’s milk that comes from the Manchego. The chicken jerky will supply a nice subtle flavor and texture, allowing the cheese to take the spotlight.

Nutrition Benefits

Chicken is a fantastic protein that is great for reducing cholesterol. Combine that with the protein in Manchego, which also has Vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins can improve the strength and smoothness of the skin.

Hot and Sweet Thin Cut Beef Jerky and Provolone

Hot and sweet beef jerky already creates an interesting contrast. The addition of provolone will add a sharp or mild flavor depending on the age of the cheese. There are various tastes in provolone depending on how it is made, such as provolone dolce being sweet and provolone piccante being buttery and flavorful.

Mixing spice flavors in the hot and sweet beef jerky and provolone piccante will supply an exciting taste that will go well together. The thinness of the beef is a great texture to mix with semi-hard cheese, so it’s not difficult to chew.

Nutrition Benefits

Beef remains an incredible source of protein that will also supply iron. Thin beef won’t provide as many nutrients, but it offers a great balance of nutrition paired with provolone’s health benefits, including improved eyesight and bone density.

Elk Jerky and Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg has a nice earthy taste that pairs well with the nutty taste of elk. This excellent jerky and cheese pairing is less about contrast and more about a celebration of similar flavors. The combination tastes pleasant without overpowering the palate, and the elk jerky will also throw a subtle sweetness into the mix.

Nutrition Benefits

Elk is a great source of protein that’s fantastic for your cholesterol. The combination of elk jerky with Jarlsbergcheese will double the cholesterol benefits and can assist in weight loss.

Venison Jerky and Feta

Venison is a common form of jerky with a rich and earthy taste. Many places have deer jerky for sale, which works well for cheeses such as feta, which commonly pairs with meat. The jerky and the cheese are considerably tender and moist in the pairing and combine well. Venison has a nice texture that is easy to chew and, when combined with feta, will make for a flavor that melts in your mouth.

Nutrition Benefits

Venison is good for the heart and has a solid balance of sodium and protein. A nice amount of calcium in feta helps both your heart and bones when paired with venison.

Turkey Jerky and Asiago

Asiago is a hard cheese that may be tough to chew but has a bold taste that’s perfect for the lighter turkey flavor. Turkey jerky is a great choice for those who don’t want an overpowering taste of meat but still want a filling food. Mixing the bold flavors of asiago with the subtleness of jerky will make a great pairing. It’s best to grate the asiago over the jerky since it will be difficult to chew and has such a bold flavor.

Nutrition Benefits

Both foods are high in protein, and you can count on the turkey jerky to have a lower amount of fat compared to other meats. The asiago also has a beneficial amount of calcium.

Jerky and cheese is a great pairing system. There are many more combinations to try, but if you want to discover just how delicious this pairing could be, try the mixtures above and enjoy the wonderful flavors.

6 Amazing Jerky and Cheese Pairing Suggestions
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