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3 Innovative Ways To Add Jerky to Your Omelet

3 Innovative Ways To Add Jerky to Your Omelet

Do you love whipping up a delicious egg breakfast but feel like something is missing? Omelets are a classic meal for the morning, but they can get boring after a while. Luckily, we at Lee’s Market Jerky have some tips to improve your morning routine. Here are three innovative ways to add jerky to your omelet.

The Classic Method

Ok, we promised you some innovative ways to include jerky in your favorite egg meal. However, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Simply chopping up jerky bits and throwing them into your omelet is the easiest way to make a delicious breakfast.

We recommend finely chopping your jerky, as you would with bacon. You can choose to use larger chunks of jerky for a more unforgettable meal. Find which style you prefer by experimenting with different methods.

Jerky Butter

Now let’s dive into the more creative ways to include jerky in an omelet. This one is for all those chefs out there who prefer using butter instead of cooking spray. Butter helps increase the rich flavor of your eggs and will add complexity to the overall taste.

Finely chop up your favorite jerky and mix it with unsalted butter – you can add other ingredients like spices and garnishes to your liking. Next, store your jerky butter in plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight. When cooking the next day, feel free to spoon a heaping helping of jerky butter over your omelet!

Jerky Drinks

Adding jerky to your omelet doesn’t have to be so literal. Get creative and implement your favorite meat snack into other parts of your meal. Specifically, use jerky as the perfect Bloody Mary garnish!

Bloody Mary’s, on their own, are a perfect beverage to complement eggs. Topping off the drink with a stick or two of jerky helps boost the flavor even more. We recommend a smokey jerky, but you can experiment with different types to find what works best for you.

Use these three innovative ways to add jerky to your omelet to create crowd-pleasing breakfast meals. Consider our excellent selection here at Lee’s Market Jerky if you need a fresh supply of delicious jerky. We have chicken and turkey jerky for sale and many other exotic products to pick from!

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