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Best Gift Ideas for Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers

Best Gift Ideas for Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers

Survival is one of the most basic concepts for an organism, and it's a good idea to prepare for an extinction event. There is always danger around the corner, and gifting your survivalist friend something valuable may be tricky if they’re focused on the apocalypse. There isn't a long list of items to give to a doomsday prepper or a survivalist, but some ideas may help you give them a quality gift.

A Multi-Tool or Swiss Army Knife

Tools are a survivalist's best friend and a prepper's means of preparing for the end. Items such as a multi-tool or Swiss army knife are great gifts because of their portability and capabilities.

Numerous types of these tools come with various attachments, such as flashlights or a compass. Survivalists and doomsday preppers will appreciate this gift and use it well if they find themselves in a bind and need readily available tools.

Solar-Powered Charger

Even in an apocalypse, there's a good chance the sun will shine. Gifting a survivalist a solar-powered charger is a great idea, and they will have use for it on numerous occasions. Batteries will run out of energy, and generators require fuel. An energy source that uses the sun to recharge is helpful in any situation where the sun is visible.

A Box of Jerky

Food is something we can’t live without, so food will be a great gift for anyone focusing on surviving difficult times. Jerky is a survivalist's best friend and will last up to a year or longer in the right circumstances.

Giving your prepper friend a box of jerky will show them you care about their well-being and want them to have the means to live on, should things go from bad to worse. Gourmet jerky will make a quality treat for them if they want a nice pick-me-up that tastes delicious and has plenty of protein.

Food Dehydrator

Storing food may be difficult when someone has numerous other items they want to preserve for emergencies. Food dehydrators make great gifts for survivalists and preppers and will make food storage and preservation easier.

The food dehydrator removes the moisture from food to prevent it from spoiling or rotting quickly. It improves the preservation abilities of sodium to make the food last longer. Food dehydrators enable people to store foods for long periods and will increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and meats for up to a year.

It's important to stay prepared for emergencies because we never know what will happen. If you know a doomsday prepper or survivalist and want to give them a gift, these ideas will show them you care. They will also help you in the case of an emergency, so buying a few boxes of jerky wouldn't be a bad idea.

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