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News: Get the Latest Facts About Jerky

  • 7 Surprising Facts About Jerky You Should Know

    Jerky is a popular food that many know about and consume. But reading some surprising facts about jerky will improve people’s opinion of the food.
  • Jerky Around the World: Similarities and Differences

    Jerky is known, worldwide, for its great taste and convenience. The various types of jerky have aspects that make them similar and different for consumers.
  • Shredded Jerky: How To Make It and How To Use It

    A person can do many things with jerky, such as shredding it. There is a process involved in how to make shredded jerky and what you should do with it.
  • How Much Protein Is in Different Kinds of Jerky?

    Jerky is a wonderful source of protein, and since there are so many different types of jerky, the amount of protein may differ depending on the type you eat.
  • 5 Easy, Delicious Snacks To Eat Around a Campfire

    The best campfire snacks are delicious, easy to prepare, and full of nutrition. Check out our picks for the best bite to eat on your next camping trip.
  • 8 Reasons Why Jerky Is More Popular Than Ever

    Did you know that jerky remains one of the most iconic snacks in human history? Check out why the popularity of this dried meat is still rising globally.
  • Best Poolside Snacks You Can Leave in the Sun All Day

    What snacks are you packing for a day at the pool this summer? Check out this compilation of the perfect snacks for leaving in the sun all day long.
  • Tough Stuff: A Guide to the Different Jerky Textures

    Modern preparation processes for jerky allow this snack to come in many different consistencies. Here is a comprehensive guide on the different jerky textures.
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