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How Much Protein Is in Different Kinds of Jerky?

How Much Protein Is in Different Kinds of Jerky?

It’s important to have a good source of protein to have a balanced diet and have the strength to do tasks. Jerky is a great way to improve your protein intake and will supply you with nutrition from a delicious source of meat. But it’s important to remember that each type of jerky has different nutritional values and will give a person different amounts of protein.

Beef Jerky

Does beef jerky have protein? Beef is well known for being a great source of protein since red meat has so many amino acids that help the body’s growth. A single ounce of beef holds about 7 grams of protein and helps you reach your goal for protein consumption faster. Eating beef jerky will give you a boost in protein and provide you with a convenient way to eat. Beef is a great addition to any meal, so don’t be afraid to experiment with dishes that could use some beef jerky as a side dish.

Turkey Jerky

For people who don’t wish to consume red meat, turkey is a great option that will give you 1 gram more than beef. Turkey jerky combines the flavors that come with most poultry with the delicious texture of jerky. Eating healthy turkey jerky is a better option than most meats since it’s lower in fat and has a nice quantity of proteins.

Venison Jerky

The protein in venison is higher than in turkey and meat, with up to 9 grams of protein for every ounce. A single deer may supply an average of about 50 pounds of venison, making this a kind of jerky that gives a lot of meat and protein. How the deer is prepared will determine how much protein you will receive. If you roast it, you will get 9 grams per ounce, but if you ground it up raw, you will only get 6 grams per ounce. In Lee’s Market Jerky, an ounce of normal venison will have 15 grams of protein, making it a wonderful choice for your dietary needs.

Chicken Jerky

Chicken, one of the most common types of meat, comes in various forms and preparations. The part you eat and how you prepare it will determine how much protein you receive, starting at 6 grams per ounce. Chicken jerky is a great choice for a food that is tasty and gives over 10 grams of protein with every piece. This type of jerky will provide you with plenty of protein and makes a nice snack before and after you exercise, given its nutritious value.

The many types of jerky in the world will help many people get the protein they need. Try out different jerky to help you gain nutrition and the strength you need to stay healthy.

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