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8 Reasons Why Jerky Is More Popular Than Ever

8 Reasons Why Jerky Is More Popular Than Ever

Jerky is one of those snacks that has remained ingrained in American and global culture. It's a timeless snack that was once a vital tool for survival and is now quickly becoming a go-to option for many different consumers.

Year after year, the industry develops products to meet the demands of the public, and there are now jerkies fit for everyone's preferences. Here are eight reasons why jerky is more popular than ever before!

A Classic Snack

Jerky's first known appearance in human history occurred around 1550 C.E. The Quecha, a native tribe of South America during the Inca Empire era, most likely developed the preservation process of dehydrating meat. They named their creation' charqui,' which translates to "dried meat."

Charqui was the beginning of jerky, but its modern form became truly popular across North America during the age of cowboys. Jerky could be stored for many months and was an excellent source of protein when food supplies dipped in the winter or during tough times. Traditional jerky is often called "cowboy jerky" for its tough, rugged, and chewy attributes.

Jerky is still a classic snack to this day, often associated with camping trips or long car rides. There isn't a more filling option for a quick bite while out and about! Factor in the other seven reasons for jerky's popularity, and you can see why people love this snack more than ever.

More Variety Than Ever

As mentioned before, traditional or "cowboy" jerky is pretty basic – it's tough, chewy, and typically features a smoky, classic taste. In short, its flavor and consistency are familiar. As such, many businesses today focus on providing more unique products sourced from exotic animal meat.

Today, you can select jerky made from alligators, buffalo, ostrich, and even kangaroo! But the variety doesn't end there – jerky stores also implement additional ingredients to create truly different products. For instance, we carry hot and sweet, sweet onion teriyaki, honey BBQ, grilled pineapple, maple jalapeno cherry, and mango habanero-flavored jerky, just to name a few.

Lastly, we combine all these options into carefully selected bundles so you can sample each and every one! The ability to try many new and exciting flavors wasn't always the case for jerky consumers. Big brands tend to keep the same, consistent flavors, whereas the rise of artisan businesses has expanded the possibilities of jerky.

Focus on Quality

Artisan and small-batch jerky businesses don't just innovate their products by using exotic meats and spices – they also focus on quality, both in ingredients and processing. Traditionally, big brands make jerky with cheap resources and quick preparation methods to maximize profits and convenience. However, times are changing, and consumers demand improvements.

Companies such as ourselves now sell jerky sourced from fresh animals and implement the finest spices and seasonings. For instance, our big game meat is 100% all-natural and comes from antibiotic/hormone/steroid-free animals. Our products are USDA-approved and prepared in-house by the hands of jerky experts.

This movement of quality over quantity across the entire industry has drawn in new consumers who prioritize ethical and fresh practices. As businesses continue with this trend, jerky popularity will expand globally.

Versatile Food

For many reasons, there isn't a more versatile snack than jerky. First, it's the perfect "on-the-go" bite as it doesn't require preparation or make a mess. It's small, making it highly transportable. You can bring jerky in the car, on the plane, on a hike, or while lounging by the pool. Jerky doesn't spoil quickly, so you don't need a cooler to keep this snack fresh.

But jerky isn’t just a stand-alone snack – it’s the perfect complement for larger, home-cooked meals. You can toss jerky into a salad or implement it into an epic charcuterie board. It’s a great garnish for a hearty soup or side dish for a large breakfast spread. The ability to include jerky into any meal makes it extremely popular.

The Age of Prepping

Doomsday prepping is becoming quite the mainstream phenomenon – the pandemic caused nearly everyone to stock up on food and supplies in the event of a disaster. Experienced preppers recognize the benefits of storing protein-rich jerky in their pantry or bunker. Since jerky doesn’t spoil quickly, it’s an excellent source of nutrients when you have limited food options.

Dehydrated meat also doesn’t require cooking, making you less reliant on appliances and electricity. Its small size allows you to store large quantities of the snack, giving you the most bang for your buck. Hopefully, we’ll never have to dip into our doomsday supplies, but having a solid food choice for the possibility of disaster makes jerky very popular amongst many individuals.

Health Benefits

If you’ve read this blog for a long time, you know the many health benefits of eating jerky. Our natural preparation processes ensure a high-protein, low-sugar/sodium snack perfect for a well-balanced diet.

Additionally, we offer health-conscious options such as our no-MSG beef jerky. The omega-3-rich meat makes jerky a popular post-workout snack for bodybuilders and general gym-goers.

Supports Small Business

When you order jerky through artisan/small-batch businesses, you’re supporting the backbone of this country. Small businesses make up nearly 25 percent of all companies in America, and these specific entities are an asset to their local communities. This aspect of the jerky industry is very appealing to more socially conscious consumers, helping to boost its popularity.

Fun to DIY

Jerky isn’t just popular because you can snatch it off the shelves of your local grocery store or order it online – some people enjoy making their own from animals they’ve hunted. This process isn’t that difficult, and it allows individuals to flex their cooking, hunting, and preparation skills. Plus, it’s a great way to keep the house stocked with fresh snacks!

As you can see, there are many reasons why jerky is more popular than ever. We at Lee’s Market Jerky are committed to continually innovating our products, services, and preparation methods to provide you with truly unique and delicious snacks. For example, you can conveniently buy turkey jerky online from the comfort of your own home. Check out our entire selection to find the right jerky for you!

8 Reasons Why Jerky Is More Popular Than Ever
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