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The Top 7 Reasons To Eat Jerky After a Workout

The Top 7 Reasons To Eat Jerky After a Workout

Many of our topics on this blog focus on the great flavor profiles of our jerky and how it’s the perfect snack for any occasion. Quite frankly, our loyal fans would agree that there’s no beating the taste of our traditional and exotic products. However, we also highlight the many health benefits of consuming dried meats, which are high in protein and essential vitamins but low in sugar and sodium.

We could go on for hours about how beneficial quality jerky is for your body, but this type of food has a reputation that leaves many people thinking it’s just junk food. To better show you how helpful jerky is to your health, this blog will cover how our products directly boost the results of your exercises. Here are the top seven reasons to eat jerky after a workout.

Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is perhaps one of the trickiest aspects that many gym-goers struggle to accomplish. Since all our bodies are different, building muscles quickly and maintaining them isn’t so straightforward. As such, many individuals turn to protein shakes and other less-researched methods to better enhance their physiques.

Many people don’t know that jerky contains many essential factors that can quickly boost muscle growth. Healthy proteins, which are the most important factors in muscle development, are abundant in dried meats, especially our handcrafted jerky products.

But what makes a healthy protein? Quite simply, healthy proteins are “complete proteins,” meaning they’re rich in amino acids that our bodies aren’t capable of producing. Essentially, jerky supplements our bodies in a natural yet effective manner.

We create great-tasting jerky without taking shortcuts, ensuring protein-packed products that are the ultimate post-workout snacks. But protein isn’t the only beneficial aspect of jerky—our handcrafted products are also low in sodium, sugar, carbs, and fat. That’s because we use finer ingredients and natural production methods, which bigger jerky businesses don’t utilize.

As any bodybuilder will tell you, recovery is an important aspect of muscle growth. It promotes the growth of lean muscles and prevents injuries from future workouts. Basically, quality jerky builds muscle more effectively and ensures that you can exercise regularly with a lower chance of suffering setbacks.

Weight Management

Exercise isn’t solely about growing muscle—for many gym-goers, losing weight is also a priority. But if jerky is most effective at building muscle, how can it also help with weight management? For starters, fat weighs less than muscle, so you may find that your overall weight increases as you work out more. However, this is a good thing! Your physique will appear slimmer even if you do add some pounds in the process. Jerky is, once again, the perfect supplement for achieving a healthy weight and a body composition that’s high in muscle and low in fat.

Mainly, our low-calorie, low-sugar, low-carb, low-sodium jerky effectively helps you burn fat at a higher rate. So by consuming jerky after a workout, you can achieve a healthy state of ketosis that provides better results the more you exercise.

Additionally, handcrafted jerky doesn’t raise insulin levels in the body. This benefits the body in two ways: if you’re diabetic or prediabetic, this post-workout snack ensures you maintain healthy insulin levels throughout the body. However, it’s also beneficial for people who don’t have diabetes. A lower insulin level ensures your body doesn’t store fat. This means fat will burn at a higher rate and stay low as you recover post exercise.

Physical Recharge

As we mentioned before, the importance of consuming protein-rich foods after a workout helps with body recovery. Let’s take a deeper dive into why this is vital.

For starters, adequate recovery improves blood circulation. As you may already know, blood circulation quickly removes toxins and waste, leaving you healthier. Plus, steady blood flow also delivers regenerative nutrients to your organs and muscles. Repairing and recharging muscles is as important as exercising them, so always focus on a solid recovery supplement.

Jerky Is a Superfood

Another topic we’ve covered a few times on this blog is how jerky is considered a superfood. A superfood is a food that contains unusually high amounts of vitamins and nutrients, especially amino acids. Most superfoods are vegetables, nuts, and grains. Certain kinds of seafood and lean meats are also beneficial, but handcrafted jerky is typically the only red meat superfood that nutritionists widely recognize. Here are the vitamins and nutrients found in handcrafted jerky:

  • Complete proteins
  • Omega-3s
  • Iron
  • B vitamins
  • Zinc

Combined with low amounts of harmful compounds such as sodium, carbs, and sugar, this superfood provides a complete post-workout snack that’s more effective than protein bars and shakes.

Healthy Alternative

You might be thinking, “Why can’t I just use a protein shake as a post-workout supplement if it provides similar benefits to jerky?” In truth, most protein shakes are completely suitable and relatively healthy for consumption. However, the natural preparation process and ingredients we use in our small batches of jerky create the healthiest option. You can ensure a healthy alternative for your post-workout snack by avoiding the big brands.


Some people prefer the taste of protein bars and shakes, but often, these products use additives to provide their flavor profiles. Our jerky, as we mentioned earlier, contains fine ingredients and are prepared fresh, so you know the excellent flavors are completely natural.

Finding a balance between flavor and benefits is essential when you’re eating a post-exercise supplement. So why not treat yourself to a healthy post-workout snack that also tastes great?

Quality Jerky Over Big Brand Jerky

So maybe you’re sold on using jerky as a post-workout supplement. Before you go and buy jerky online, consider purchasing quality products. You’ll prefer artisan jerky over mass-produced, poorly processed snacks. Handcrafted jerky ensures high amounts of protein, fewer sugars, lower carbs, and a healthier sodium content. Sure, we may sound biased, but the health benefits of small-batch jerky are unmatched in comparison to other products.

Now that you recognize the top seven reasons to eat jerky after a workout, you can enjoy a delicious snack that’s guaranteed to provide health benefits. Order from Lee’s Market Jerky today and witness the results for yourself!

The Top 7 Reasons To Eat Jerky After a Workout
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