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Best Poolside Snacks You Can Leave in the Sun All Day

Best Poolside Snacks You Can Leave in the Sun All Day

Spending hours by the pool is the perfect way to enjoy summertime. If you find yourself getting peckish midway through this relaxing activity, we’ve got your back—here’s our guide to the best poolside snacks you can leave in the sun all day long!

Refreshing Salads

Salads are perfect poolside snacks, thanks to their richness in nutrients and taste. Summer salads can also withstand the outside heat in the middle of the season because their contents don’t require refrigeration to stay fresh.

Opt for romaine and arugula over iceberg lettuce, and top that with hardy veggies such as peppers and olives. Add in protein such as nuts and, of course, your favorite Lee’s Market beef jerky! Jerky is a great salad topper, and this summer concoction is sure to be delicious no matter how long it’s been outside.

Simple Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a classic on-the-go snack—perfect for picnics, long car rides, and, yes, a long day poolside. However, some sandwiches spoil quickly under the heat of the summer sun; opt for sammies that contain more durable ingredients and don’t require refrigeration.

Always use whole grain bread—it lasts longer and is far more nutritionally beneficial. Instead of condiments like mayo, spread hummus or avocado over your bread. Peppers work great on these sandwiches, too! Lastly, throw on a few strips of your favorite beef jerky to tie the whole creation together. You don’t even need a cooler for these extremely simple sandwiches.

Fruit Cups

Fruit cups are the easiest summer snacks to prepare, transport, and enjoy. Best of all, they’re a great source of vitamins and a fresh option compared to processed foods like chips. However, not all fruit is built to withstand the heat, so you’ll want to make poolside-friendly cups for your day by the water.

Consider cantaloupe, plums, blackberries, watermelon, pears, apples, and apricots—these produce items tend to last longer under the sun. Chop the fruit up, pack the contents into a plastic cup, seal it with plastic wrap (make sure you poke tiny holes in the film), and you’re all set for fun at the pool!

Now, this snack wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t include jerky. If you want to ensure your fruit cup packs enough protein for you and your family, sprinkle some jerky bits on top—this adds an extra zest of flavor and makes the whole snack more nutritionally balanced. Consider including nuts, like almonds, for additional vitamins.

These poolside snacks are the best for leaving in the sun all day because they won’t spoil quickly, and they’ll taste great no matter when you decide to take a snack break. As always, our recommended secret ingredient for any meal is our excellent beef jerky. Stock up on your favorite packs today to take your summer snack game to the next level.

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