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Why You Should Include Jerky in Your Emergency Survival Kit

Why You Should Include Jerky in Your Emergency Survival Kit

Whether you’re prepping for a global disaster, an incoming storm, or even a log-jammed commute home from work, you need to be prepared with essentials. Most survival packs include clean water, first aid materials, and extras like flashlights or tools—finding long-lasting food with nutritional value to stuff into your kit is absolutely imperative for surviving longer. Check out these reasons why you should include jerky in your emergency survival kit.

Lasts Longer

High-quality jerky that remains in its original bag does not go bad like other food products. While it’s true that the meat loses robust flavors over months and years, you won’t become ill by eating aged jerky. Considering that the product doesn’t take up a massive amount of space, jerky is the perfect survival stuffer for your emergency kit, thanks to its longevity. Since meat is a crucial element of any healthy diet, having a long-lasting hunk of jerky in your pack ensures you are better prepared for elongated disasters.

Packed With Nutrients

Many people don’t know how nutritionally healthy jerky is for a balanced diet. Grass-fed beef jerky is consistent with superfoods in that it contains loads of protein, iron, vitamin B, zinc, and omega-3, to name a few. Your next healthy meal is not guaranteed during times of disaster, so prepare for the worst with a quality pack of nutritional jerky. Having a steady, delicious supply of vitamins and nutrients stored in your emergency survival kit will help keep you alert, healthy, and alive.

No Preparation Necessary

The appeal of a great emergency survival kit is the ability to stay functional while on the go—all the supplies within a pack should be easy to use and require no additional tools or technology. Jerky is the food for you since it’s ready to eat right out of the bag. Jerky prep involves no electricity, no utensils, and no heat. This fact alone is a huge reason why you should include jerky in your emergency survival kit.

We at Lee’s Market Jerky hope dearly that you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you have to bust out the ol’ survival pack. However, if you do, we offer only the best meats, from traditional beef jerky to the more exotic, like croc and elk jerky for sale. Whatever your preference, we ensure our products will keep you happy and healthy, even during a disaster!

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