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Why Buying Jerky Online Is Better Than Making Your Own

Why Buying Jerky Online Is Better Than Making Your Own

One of the most incredible aspects of beef jerky is that it’s entirely possible to make it from the comfort of your own home. We at Lee’s Market Jerky have dedicated our lives to the craft and recognize how rewarding it can be to make your very own jerky. While we encourage all of our fans to try their hand at homemade jerky, there’s no denying the benefits of purchasing from the pros.

Expert knowledge of the preparation methods and access to the finest ingredients makes for a better-finished product overall. For more insight, here are three reasons why buying jerky online is better than making your own.


While jerky preparation isn’t the most challenging technique in the world, it does take time. Jerky takes around 18 hours to marinate and up to 12 hours to fully dehydrate. While some recipes call for less time, this period is standard for exceptional jerky.

Instead of waiting a few days for a delicious meat snack, go online and have the product delivered to you! Our jerky arrives at your front doorstep quickly and lasts much longer than homemade items. You can ensure you have fantastic jerky on hand when you shop online for any upcoming event.

Tried and True Quality

Our loyal customers don’t lie – our jerky is made from the finest ingredients, and it shows! Like many other online vendors, we have been preparing jerky for a long time.

Our experience ensures you always receive a quality product each and every time you place an online order. And while we do encourage you to try your hand at homemade jerky, you can rest assured that our products will never disappoint!

Wide Variety

While you may associate jerky with beef, jerky professionals create this delicious snack with many different meats. We have a wide selection of meat that is hard to find anywhere else. We offer traditional beef, along with chicken, turkey, buffalo, elk, alligator, ostrich, and even kangaroo!

Instead of spending hours searching for the perfect deer on a hunting trip, you can buy venison jerky online and enjoy it without any hassle. It’s also not easy sourcing exotic meats, but when you purchase through the pros, you have an opportunity to try something unique.

Sure, we might have bragged a bit in this post – we genuinely do have the utmost confidence in the quality of our products. And while we do believe you should make homemade jerky at least once in your life, there’s no beating the experts. There are many reasons why buying jerky online is better than making your own, and we hope you consider Lee’s Market Jerky for all your jerky needs!

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