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What To Know Before Feeding Jerky To Pets

What To Know Before Feeding Jerky To Pets

Pet owners are natural nurturers and sharers. They want to spoil their pets to appease their cute, begging eyes with a treat every now and again. One of the most common human foods people like to give their pets is jerky. But pet owners should not liberally pass jerky to their pets. Instead, they should read about what to know before feeding jerky to pets so they can understand how to keep their pup healthy and happy.

Dogs and Jerky

Scientific evidence shows that although dogs love the tasty treat, a great deal of the jerky available on the market today can sicken or even kill canines. If you want to share jerky with your dog, you should steer clear of certain types. For instance, jerkies that have an abundance of spices, like garlic, salt, or pepper, can be toxic in dogs. You might be able to remove spice by washing the pieces, but this will not be possible for marinated jerkies. If you really want to feed your dog jerky, make sure you only feed them small doses of unflavored options.

Cats and Jerky

Like dogs, cats love to nibble on tasty jerky treats. But one of the most important things to know before feeding jerky to pets is that cats cannot handle the high amounts of sodium found in most jerky products. Their digestive systems cannot handle the preservatives in jerky as well. Furthermore, it is very easy for a cat to choke on jerky. Since its rubbery consistency is different from their typical treats and foods, a cat may not know how to thoroughly chew it before swallowing.


Generally speaking, it is best to only feed dog food to your dog and cat food to your cat. But if you feel compelled to give them a nibble of jerky you bought from the online jerky store, make sure the food is as safe as possible for their consumption. That means it should contain little-to-no spices and preservatives.

It is not a problem if your pets eat the food in small doses. Your trouble really begins when they eat a handful in one sitting or a lot of jerky over time.

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