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Travel-Ready Foods for a Zombie Apocalypse

Travel-Ready Foods for a Zombie Apocalypse

Many of us fear it, and fewer feel prepared for it: the zombie apocalypse. While the crawling, shambling, or running nightmares have yet to plague the streets, it’s always a good idea to prepare, and having the right snacks with you is a great way to start. Here are a few travel-ready foods that will help sustain you when you need to find a safe harbor in a dangerous world.


The sweet taste of honey will soothe the soul during a zombie apocalypse. This food is great to eat solo or when added to another snack for optimized flavor. Honey is a great food for emergencies when you don’t know where your next meal will come from.

The expiration date on honey references the date the food will begin to crystalize, but it doesn’t mean it’s inedible. No matter what form it’s in, a jar of honey will help you through your journey and provide a boost of sugar and help lower cholesterol to help your heart in stressful situations.

Stop for a moment and boil the honey in a pot for about 15 minutes if you want crystalized honey to become liquid again.

Granola Bars

Take granola bars with you for a snack filled with numerous minerals and protein as you travel to avoid zombies. Granola lasts three to six months once out of its packaging and a full six months after its expiration date when stored properly.

A variety of granola bars with flavors and added nutrients are available to ensure every bite improves your chances of survival. Foods in the shape of a handheld bar are quick and easy to eat, and the granola is edible by the mouthful or bit by bit.

Energy bars are another form of granola bar specifically eaten to boost energy. Since you won’t have the means to make a coffee run, an energy bar with sugars, caffeine, and granola will be your best bet in helping you feel energized to escape from the undead.


These small morsels of protein are available in various sizes and tastes. Nuts are edible by the handful and last for up to a year. A handful of salted nuts will boost protein with a delicious addition of sodium to ensure you feel strong enough to power through another day of surviving. Since they’re small and delectable, add nuts to various snacks to make an enjoyable trail mix.

Peanut Butter

A jar of peanut butter may help if assorted nuts aren’t enough to keep you satiated and alive. The unopened peanut butter will last a year after its expiration date and three to four months after opening, whether it’s crunchy or smooth. Bring peanut butter along for the ride and dip into it when you need a few spoonful’s to calm your gnawing hunger.

Like the peanuts it came from, peanut butter will have plenty of protein to benefit you and makes great travel-ready food for the zombie apocalypse with the option to mix it with another food. Put peanut butter on a granola bar and create a creamy and crunchy combination of food that will shake off the anticipation of what’s waiting for you inside a dark building.


Every survivalist, prepper, and bunker dweller understands the wonders of jerky and how it helps in the event of an apocalypse. The filling feeling of dried meat will keep you satisfied and strong as you travel across the land.

Bring a variety of jerky with you and tuck it away in your bag. The thin strips will conveniently fit in many pockets, especially when you mow it into bits to use as a garnish. Many shops have jerky for sale, though ours is top-notch, and you should get it while it’s in stock.

You could make a decent meal with different flavors of jerky, such as mango habanero chicken or sweet onion teriyaki beef, mixed in a delicious bundle. Zombies shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy the taste of meat, and with a pack of jerky for your travels, you’ll have some to eat.


Take a bag of candy on your journey if you need something sweeter to get you through the harsh reality of the zombie apocalypse. Most candy will last up to eight months when in room temperature conditions, but hard candy will last up to a year or more.

Hard candy is a great travel-ready food for the zombie apocalypse and will endure most conditions. Keep the hard candy out of moist environments to prevent mold and staleness. The candy you eat will provide a quick sugar rush to help you move faster and become more alert to your deadly surroundings.


Dried fruits provide wonderful benefits to your health, such as increased antioxidants and higher nutrient intake. Raisins are the go-to form of dried fruit that will help you in the event of zombies. Eat a handful of raisins for more sugar and calories after you wake up from a light sleep.

You’ll most likely need the energy to start the day and nutrients to burn when you move around. Mixing the raisins with foods such as jerky bits and nuts will make a sufficient trail mix to eat on the go.

Canned Foods

Canning is a practice among many forward thinkers and makes great preparation for doomsday. Bring canned meats, fruits, and vegetables for the journey as you outlast the zombies.

Canned foods will last for years after their best-by date and maintain their flavor for a filling meal. Keep your can opener ready and your wits about you as you pry open a can of sausages and partake in an afternoon snack.

Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon cubes will provide great nutrients and are highly convenient if you need a quick snack to drink. Mix these cubes with any hot liquid (preferably water) to create different types of broth, such as chicken or beef. It’s possible to eat these cubes as they are, but it’s easier to add them to a cup of water and slurp it down quickly.

In an airtight container, bouillon cubes will last several years but typically last one to two years after their printed best-by date. This food will make a great snack by the fire and give you a warm feeling in your stomach as the night sets in and you monitor your traps for anything that may creep up on your camp.


Over the years, many wars gave birth to various survival methods, such as hardtack. This biscuit-like cracker is the right option for your travels if you want food that lasts as long as 25 years.

Add this food to water or broth to accompany your next survivalist dish. The cracker will take on the flavor of whatever you moisten it with; otherwise, it will taste extremely bland and dry.

You need substantial meals to follow your drastic measures when you find yourself in drastic times. Take to the wilderness paths to avoid the dangerous hordes with these travel-ready foods in your bag, and survive with the simple comfort of food that will last a fraction as long as you.

Travel-Ready Foods for a Zombie Apocalypse
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