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The Easiest Kinds of Finger Foods To Serve a Crowd

The Easiest Kinds of Finger Foods To Serve a Crowd

There are many things you must do before hosting a get-together, such as cleaning, choosing entertainment, and, most importantly, preparing food. Your guests will wait patiently for a good main course, but in the meantime, they’ll need something to hold them over and stave off their hunger. Simple finger foods are the best options for hungry guests. Read on to discover the easiest finger foods to serve a crowd to keep your guests satiated until mealtime as you attend to other hosting duties.

Mozzarella Bites

Many people love the crunch and creamy texture of a nice mozzarella stick, but mozzarella sticks may take up too much space on a platter. Instead, serve mozzarella bites so guests can pace themselves and not overindulge before the main course.

There are various ways to make mozzarella bites, but they’re like mozzarella sticks in their bread coating and string cheese. Adding seasonings such as garlic powder, oregano, and basil will flavor every bite.

Use blocks of different white cheese in place of mozzarella for a culmination of crunchy, cheesy finger food to serve to the crowd. Dipping sauce is optional, but guests may not need it, given the size of the bites.

Assorted Jerky

The number of different jerky flavors continues to grow, with a range of spicy, mild, and sweet tastes. Guests will love the various flavors in an assortment of jerky. Platters of jerky, such as honey barbeque, maple bourbon chipotle, and pepper garlic, will wow guests into trying different combinations.

You’ll find plenty of options for beef jerky for sale online to provide finger foods for your guests. Jerky is meant to share, and the crowd will go wild for a piece of flavorful dried meat.

Swedish Meatballs

Small foods served on toothpicks have a certain aesthetic that people can’t resist. Serve Swedish meatballs to appease the crowd and give them a complimentary toothpick to clean their teeth. These meatballs have a nice tender texture thanks to the gravy and broths the meat cooks in.

Add a variety of spices for a unique taste that will leave guests wanting more. Offer napkins so guests can enjoy their finger food without worrying about a mess.

People love the convenience of finger foods and will enjoy your event when you serve them. Use these options to satisfy your guests and whet their appetites for the meal you prepared.

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