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The Best Kinds of Jerky To Bring On Big Game Hunting Trips

The Best Kinds of Jerky To Bring On Big Game Hunting Trips

Jerky is a very versatile snack, making it perfect for any situation. It’s the ideal complement to a home-cooked meal or game day spread. It’s also great on its own, both when sitting around the house or when out and about. Jerky has a classic taste and texture that countless people enjoy. But what other situations are great opportunities to grab a tasty piece of jerky?

One activity where jerky shines as the perfect snack is hunting trips. These excursions can take a toll on your body, making it hard to stay energized, rejuvenated, and alert. Bringing along complex ingredients and cooking equipment isn’t always practical while hunting, so having the convenience of jerky when in the wilderness is invaluable. It provides a healthy boost of nutrients and offers a familiar flavor and experience. Check out our guide on the best kinds of jerky to bring on big game hunting trips.

Why Jerky Is the Perfect Hunting Snack

So why is jerky the ideal hunting snack? Most people probably assume that various nut mixes or fruit make for a better energy source when out hunting. In truth, jerky provides the same benefits as these other options, and it tastes amazing! But first, what are those benefits?

Our artisan products are made with fine ingredients and prepared ethically and freshly – the result is a snack high in protein and low in sugar and sodium. This is what you want when venturing out for a hunting trip. The healthy amounts of protein provide your body with energy, leading to better focus and alertness. Plus, the lack of sodium and sugar will keep you from feeling bogged down or lethargic.

Jerky isn’t just great for maintaining healthy amounts of nutrients – it’s among the most convenient snacks. It’s highly portable and doesn’t leave behind waste. Plus, its long shelf life means you won’t have to worry about spoiling, which reduces your food supply and can get you very sick. Lastly, you don’t need to cook jerky like other meats, saving you time and effort.

Ultimately, jerky is the perfect option because it provides energy and flavor without taking you away from the action. Hunting big game is unlike other types of hunting because these animals are trickier to get and require even more physical and mental toughness. Repairing our tired bodies when we’re not hunting is imperative for having success. Now, let’s learn about the best kinds of jerky to bring on big game hunting trips.

Lower-Sodium and No-MSG Jerky

We’ve already mentioned how our small batch products contain less sugar and sodium compared to other, bigger brands. However, we also carry some jerkies with even less of these ingredients. As a result, you can enjoy lower-sodium and no-MSG jerky! Now, just because this is a “healthier” option doesn’t mean you’re getting less flavor.

Our lower-sodium beef jerky retains its signature smokey taste and excellent texture. In fact, it’s one of our best-selling products here at Lee’s Market Jerky! Our No-MSG eliminates the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, which is known to make you groggy and less alert. Like the lower-sodium product, our no-MSG jerky is still rich in flavor and absolutely filling. Consider these two beef options for your next hunting trip to ensure more energy and focus.

Poultry Jerky

Chicken and turkey are two meats that have a lot of energy-boosting benefits. Chicken specifically contains vital B vitamins, including B12 and B6. These two vitamins are essential for energy production and improved brain function. Plus, leaner meats tend to offer healthier proteins, which also keep you more focused.

If you’re someone who likes to hunt all day every day, you want a snack that keeps you sharp and energized. We offer eight different poultry jerkies, all of which are great for a hunting excursion. Classic turkey and chicken are always a solid option, but you can surprise and delight your taste buds with more unique products like the mango habanero chicken or hot turkey jerky.

Big Game Jerky

Much like poultry, big game meat is very beneficial to one’s health. Animals like elk, venison, and buffalo are rife with Omega-6 fatty acids, which are preferred over the saturated fats found in processed meats. Omega-6 is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid or PUFA. Among the benefits of PUFAs is maintaining a regular metabolism. This is essential for staying regular while out on long hunting trips.

Additionally, big game meat is rich in zinc, selenium, beta carotene, and vitamin E. All these nutrients contribute to better alertness and overall body health. At Lee’s Market Jerky, we carry six different big game jerkies, including elk, venison, and buffalo. You can opt for our original flavors for that rich, classic taste, or consider the hot elk jerky for sale and vension for a more unique eating experience.

Sweet, Sour, Savory, and Exotic

Jerky’s numerous mental and physical benefits aren’t the only reasons it is the perfect hunting snack. It also offers a delicious bite without the need for cooking. If you want convenient food while out in the wilderness, consider purchasing something more exotic! For instance, we carry many sweet, sour, and savory jerkies that provide a unique flavor profile to keep you satisfied and engaged.

You can also consider our exotic jerkies, sourced from ostrich, alligator, kangaroo, and buffalo–we offer a convenient bundle so that you can sample each one and find what you like best. These exotic meats also contain unsaturated fats and healthy proteins to ensure you perform at an optimal level.

You can clearly see why jerky is so great for hunting trips. It takes up nearly no space, it doesn’t require preparation, it lasts a long time without the need for refrigeration, and its health benefits keep you alert, leading to more hunting success.

Thankfully, you can’t go wrong when deciding which jerky is best for your hunting trips. We offer over 50 jerkies and countless bundles to help you find the best possible hunting snack, including exotic, big-game, traditional beef, and poultry products. Discover the world of artisan jerky by ordering from Lee’s Market today!

The Best Kinds of Jerky To Bring On Big Game Hunting Trips
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