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Small-Batch Jerky: What It Is and Why It’s Better


Small-Batch Jerky: What It Is and Why It’s BetterFans of beef jerky can’t get enough of their favorite, delicious snack. However, they also recognize that quantity doesn’t equal quality. Handcrafted, quality products have superior taste, texture, and ingredients. Truly great jerky is of the “small-batch” variety. Here’s a guide on small-batch jerky, what it is, and why it’s better than larger quantity products.

Excellent Freshness

Larger jerky companies (we’ll call them Big Jerky!) produce an insane amount of products every single day. They cut corners wherever they can to maximize efficiency and profits. As a result, they often sacrifice the quality of ingredients and the integrity of the preparation process.

Big Jerky often uses cheaper spices and cuts of meat that, while relatively tasty, don’t make for a fresh product. Also, these companies produce their snacks in large factories with little human oversight, which is a less fresh preparation technique. Small-batch jerky undergoes thoughtful preparation with higher-quality ingredients, guaranteeing superior snack options for consumers.

Locally Produced

Due to the smaller inventory, it’s hard to ship small-batch jerky overseas while turning a sizable profit. An artisan jerky store is more successful when its operations and customer base are domestic.

Buying small-batch products might cost a bit more, but the contents will come from local farms, where American workers have prepared the jerky. This both ensures high quality and helps support our economy and the individuals within it.


The preparation methods for small-batch jerky are worth further explanation. They’re far superior to the tactics that Big Jerky uses. For example, we at Lee’s Market Jerky handmake all our fantastic products. Every package of jerky is hand-trimmed, house-brined, and wood-smoked right in the great state of Michigan. We use fresh ingredients to add signature flavor profiles that our loyal customers adore.

But most importantly, we create jerky with passion. From that dedication, we gain inspiration to use quality meats and unique spice combinations that are unlike any jerky you can find at a gas station. All small-batch jerky companies pride themselves on their craftsmanship. This sets us apart from the rest.

Understanding small-batch jerky, what it is, and why it’s better gives you a deeper appreciation for handcrafted jerky. Pamper your taste buds and buy jerky online from our impressive selection here at Lee’s Market Jerky.

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