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Perfect Pairings: How to Pair Jerky With Beer and Wine

Perfect Pairings: How to Pair Jerky With Beer and Wine

A proper summer needs delicious food and good drinks. This article will offer recommendations for how to pair jerky with beer and wine. By the end of it, you’ll hopefully have some ideas for your next dinner party or a cozy night at home.

Original Beef Jerky With Red Merlot

The robust flavor of red Merlot makes it an excellent wine to pair with original beef jerky. The wine’s acidity can cause full-bodied foods like jerky to change the drink’s taste, creating a bitter or tarnished flavor. Furthermore, Merlot goes well with peppers, steak, mild cheeses, and cold-cut meats.

Venison Jerky With an IPA

Venison’s mild and excellent flavors pair well with a nice IPA. The rich meat’s saltiness balances the beer’s hops and alcohol content. Between the bubbles and the herbal aromas, this is a perfect pairing and a prime example of how to pair jerky with beer and wine, even if IPA is actually a beer.

Cajun Brisket Jerky With Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a sweet white wine with a crisp taste. It’s the best drink to pair with spicy jerky options, especially Cajun brisket. The fresh taste of the grapes has a distinct flavor and contrasts nicely with hot jerkies.

Fish Jerky With a Light Pilsner

Fish jerky tends to be the preferred option for people conscious about their snack’s nutritional value. For those who like their jerky and drink pairings on the lighter side, a light pilsner goes well with any kind of fish jerky, including salmon, tuna, or trout.

Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky With White Riesling

The sugar and acidity ratio of white Riesling makes for various complimentary edible delights. But there’s something exceptional about its pairing with lean textured, mild-flavored jerky. Honey BBQ turkey jerky matches perfectly with this light beverage.

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