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Jerky as a Superfood Can Help Combat Stress

Jerky as a Superfood Can Help Combat Stress

Is beef jerky good for you? Many people don’t know it, but grass-fed beef jerky is a superfood on par with kale and spinach. The red meat is actually extremely healthy and one of the better foods you can add to your diet if you have the inclination. Jerky, as a superfood, can help combat stress and protect the body in a number of different ways. Plus, the food only has a few calories and very few additives, making it a spectacular superfood. Here’s why jerky can be so healthy for your body.


The most obvious benefit that comes with meat is protein—a single serving of jerky gives plenty of protein for the body. Protein helps with healing and muscle repair, making it great for an after-workout snack.


Omega-3 is a fatty acid that, according to some studies, helps lower the risk of many diseases and disorders like cancer or depression. People also link it to healthier eyesight and brain health.


Along with the generous protein and omega-3 fatty acids, jerky also holds a lot of iron. Iron is useful for basically every vital function in the body, even the internal control of body heat. Getting enough iron in your diet is important for every person.

B Vitamins

This is where jerky really helps with stress, as it comes chock-full of B vitamins, including vitamin B12. This vitamin has links to inhibiting homocysteine—an amino acid that may increase anxiety and depression—in the brain. B12 also helps your nervous system function along with other important bodily systems.


Many people have a hard time accessing zinc, which causes a host of issues for them. Zinc is useful for artery repair and may reduce the risk of age-related diseases. There’s some evidence that zinc boosts the immune system and speeds up healing as well.

Jerky, as a superfood, can help combat stress and many other diseases, all while being low in calorie count and having very little to zero preservatives or additives. If you’ve been convinced to add beef jerky to your own diet, you can always purchase some beef jerky for sale at Lee’s Market Jerky.

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