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Is Jerky Keto Friendly? What To Know About Jerky and Diets

Is Jerky Keto Friendly? What To Know About Jerky and Diets

We’re just over two months into 2022, but many people are already abandoning their new year’s resolutions. The most popular resolution tends to be eating a healthier diet, which is challenging for people who love certain less-beneficial foods. Luckily, meat-lovers can rest easy knowing that many animal-derived products are perfect for most any diet! Keto is a common dietary practice that involves eating more protein-rich, fatty foods and fewer carbohydrates. So if you’ve ever wondered if jerky is keto-friendly, here’s what to know about jerky and diets.

The Basics of Keto

As we stated before, keto diets prioritize fatty foods with solid protein levels. Additionally, you’ll cut carbohydrates out of your regular meals nearly entirely. This form of dieting “hacks” your body and changes how it receives energy. Instead of wasting time breaking down carbs, your body efficiently breaks down fat and uses it as its primary source of power. Your digestive system will consistently cut out the fatty aspects of your diet. Most people who start this diet notice significant physical changes in a short period of time, and with enough discipline, these results last.

The Health Benefits of Jerky

Small-batch jerky is packed full of fresh ingredients and beneficial nutrients. In fact, many health experts consider handcrafted jerky a superfood. Superfoods contain exceptionally high amounts of antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids, which are essential for a well-rounded diet. Popular superfood items include blueberries, oats, avocado, certain seafood, and of course, jerky.

Our jerky is sourced from hormone-free wildlife and prepared with all-natural ingredients. This artisanal style provides higher levels of protein for fewer calories. Additionally, the low sugar content means your body can more effectively use the jerky’s beneficial nutrients. These reasons make your favorite snack the perfect addition to a keto diet.

Incorporating Jerky Into Your Diet

So how do you incorporate jerky into your keto diet? For starters, you must research the nutritional facts of your preferred products. Our low-sodium beef jerky features just two grams of carbohydrates and no added sugars. In moderation, it’s entirely effective in a keto diet. When you’re on the go and you need a diet-friendly snack, you can simply grab a delicious strip of jerky and know you’re improving the overall health of your body.

We at Lee’s Market care about providing high-quality products suitable for any diet. With our superior line of beneficial items, you’ll never wonder whether jerky is keto friendly or what you need to know about jerky and diets. Instead, consider our selection and stay committed to your new year’s resolution!

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