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Is Jerky Good for You? 4 Things You Should Know

Is Jerky Good for You? 4 Things You Should Know

Not many foods compare to a nice strip of jerky, but like anything, you need to think about its nutrition and health effects. There are various things to consider when determining whether or not jerky is healthy. Read on for four things you should know about whether jerky is good for you.

Jerky Is Great for Building Muscle

Our bodies need protein to build and maintain muscles, and eating protein-rich foods like jerky will give us the nutrition we need. The minimum amount of protein in a strip of jerky is around seven grams, so eating a few strips will help you grow stronger, larger muscles.

The high protein in jerky is why many people eat it before and after exercise. Snacking on jerky can provide the strength to finish a workout and sustain muscles after. Eat jerky if you need a protein boost or feel tired throughout the day; the nutrition will help you feel more energized and improve your muscles for more physical activity.

Different Jerky Has Different Nutritional Benefits

Jerky is made from a variety of meats, from beef to venison, and each has different nutritional values. For example, an average strip of beef jerky has around 14 g of protein and 880 mg of sodium, while the average chicken jerky strip has 900 mg of sodium and 15 g of protein.

Understanding the nutritional benefits of each type is essential in knowing if jerky is good for you. If you want a healthy option, choose healthy turkey jerky that has less sodium and more protein and will improve heart health.

It’s Healthier To Eat It With Other Foods

While jerky is a great food to eat and has nutritional benefits, eating it with other foods is important to avoid eating too much of it. Eating too much jerky may lead to health concerns like higher cholesterol.

To enhance flavor, eat jerky with other foods as a side dish or an ingredient. There are multiple ways to use jerky in cooking, and adding it to different recipes will give you new things to try. The other foods will reduce the urge to eat too much jerky and will most likely have their own nutritional benefits.

Stay Hydrated When Eating Jerky

Jerky has high amounts of sodium that soak up the body’s moisture. Stay hydrated to reduce the effects of sodium in your body and help you get back to enjoying your snack. While jerky is a great food to eat and has some health benefits, you still need to balance your intake and other dietary needs to stay healthy.

Jerky will give you the nutrition you need and is a good food to include in most diets. Understanding more about jerky is essential. You’ll find plenty of information here at Lee’s Market Jerky, so you’ll know how much your health improves with each strip.

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