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Flavor Profiles of the Different Types of Jerky

Flavor Profiles of the Different Types of Jerky

Our comprehensive collection of classic and unique jerkies is quite imposing, leaving many wondering which product they’ll enjoy the most. Luckily, here’s a guide on the flavor profiles of the different types of jerky.

Classic Beef

Our best-selling beef jerky comes in over twenty variations, and each one features a unique flavor profile that’s worth a try. The Devil’s Kiss Ghost Pepper Jerky has an atomic punch of flavor and an enjoyable afterburn for spicy lovers out there. The Maple Jalapeno Jerky gives your pallet hints of mild sweetness and mild spiciness—the perfect combo!

If you’re looking for that classic, smoky beef flavor, consider our Pepper Garlic Jerky, BBQ Bacon Jerky, or Horseradish Jerky. Don’t forget our Sportsmen’s Beef Jerky, which packs in all the taste of our legendary sportsmen’s sausage into mouth-watering strips.


Chicken jerky is a little different than classic beef, as the typical flavor profile of poultry is milder. However, we season our variations with fine ingredients that combine well on the palate.

For instance, you’ve probably never experienced that mouth-sweating sweetness of our Maple Jalapeno Cherry Chicken Jerky, which activates your taste buds with each bite. Similarly, the Mango Habanero variation gives a nice fruit flavor that pairs exceptionally with the pepper's heat.


Turkey jerky is similar to chicken, with an extra hint of tanginess on top. Both of our turkey products incorporate some saltiness without being overwhelming. If you’re a spice lover, consider our Hot Turkey Jerky, which raises the heat on our classic brine taste!

Venison and Elk

Our venison is top of the line, with a mild, clean flavor profile. That taste is due to the fact that our venison never has hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. Additionally, you’ll experience earthy, rich tones with each and every bite. Since venison is a lean meat, you can expect a healthy alternative to your favorite snack when you eat it.

For those new to big game jerky, consider trying elk. This beast of the woods is exceptionally rich in flavor and very tender. Most people say that elk jerky is sweeter than other varieties, with a subtle hint of tang.

Use this guide on the flavor profiles of different types of jerky to ensure you stock up on the most delicious snacks that are sure to impress your family and friends. No matter your preferences, Lee’s Market Jerky has the product that’s right for you!

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