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College Party Snacks: What To Serve and How To Serve It

College Party Snacks: What To Serve and How To Serve It

College is a time to make memories and experience the freedom that comes with adult life. One of the most common college experiences is a party, and when you host your own, you’ll need to provide snacks that guests will love. There are different ways to serve snacks to guests that you should know. Read on to learn the best snacks and how to serve them to raise the roof higher than what you owe on your student loans.

What To Serve

Every college party needs snacks that help guests feel comfortable and satisfied. You will need to provide snacks that cater to numerous individuals with different tastes. Use these snacks to satisfy your guests and make a name for yourself as the best host on campus.


A college party isn’t a college party without this classic snack food. Serve chips as a satisfying snack that many people will enjoy. Since there are a variety of chip flavors and types, you’ll have your pick of the litter when looking for options to serve.

Plain, wavy, or ruffled—classic potato chips will be your safest bet in most situations, and people will quickly eat them up. Gluten-free and veggie options will allow guests with dietary restrictions to enjoy a handful of this crisp, delicious snack.

Whether people enjoy spicy, sweet, salty, or tangy flavors, it’s hard to go wrong when you offer chips to your fellow students. Ensure you have multiple bags for the party to keep the snack train moving.

Pizza Bagels

Pizza is a common food that many college students enjoy, and restaurants that serve it are typically near campus. However, ordering dozens of boxes is expensive and not the best way to pace yourself throughout the night as you fill your stomach. Instead, offer guests pizza bagels for a convenient snack.

This snack combines the thick, chewy texture of a bagel and the enjoyable ingredients of pizza. Serve these snacks to impress guests with your culinary skills. Like regular pizza, pizza bagels have numerous options for toppings, cheese, sauce, and even the bagels you use.

Make the three basic pizza types of cheese, sausage, and pepperoni to appeal to most guests. You may need to make more as the party goes on and people continue to snack, so have all the necessary ingredients ready to go.

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels

This snack is a mouthful to say and will keep your mouth full as you eat. Combine the wonderful flavors of chocolate and peanut butter with an added crunch when you serve this college party snack. Your guests will love the sweet chocolate taste and the peanut butter’s creamy sensation.

The pretzel makes the snack more filling and gives people something to chew on. Sometimes a sweet treat is just what you need to enjoy yourself at a party. Dipping the pretzel in peanut butter and smothering it in chocolate will satisfy people’s sweet tooth, and the sugar rush will help them feel more energetic.


You can eat jerky on any occasion. Serve jerky at your party to offer a handy treat that satisfies tastebuds and fills stomachs. There are various jerky types to try that range from sweet and mild to extremely spicy. Offer guests different jerky flavors that they could mix and match.

You could chop the meat to make jerky bits that guests could sprinkle over other snack options, like pizza bagels. If you want to treat guests to a special snack, offer gourmet beef jerky to wow their taste buds.

Jalapeño Poppers

For college students who can’t avoid spicy foods, jalapeño poppers are the best snack. These wrapped, spicy snacks will impress guests and offer a spectrum of different tastes and textures, depending on what you put in them.

Different cheeses and spices will combine with the tingling sensation of the pepper. The tastes and textures will help guests feel more awake and ready to move. Plus, the excitement on their tongues will match the excitement in their bodies as they dance, laugh, and chat.

How To Serve It

Now that you have a list of foods to serve, you’ll need to know how to serve them. Learning how to serve food at a college party will ensure that guests have easier access to food and that people feel comfortable with their refreshments. There are numerous ways to serve food at the party, and they require different tools, platforms, and actions to ensure your guests have the best access to food.

Charcuterie Board

Use a charcuterie board to create an elegant spread for guests to behold. The wooden surface will set the stage for your snacks and impress people with its beautiful simplicity.

The board keeps the food open and visible for people to gauge what they want to eat and how much is left to share. The jalapeño poppers and jerky will look great on a charcuterie board.

A Self-Serving Snack Table

Buffets are effective ways to ensure people have food on their dishes. Set up a table for guests to grab the snacks they want and load them onto their plates. Partygoers may visit the table anytime to reload their plates. Place multiple platters and bowls of snacks to ensure you don’t run out quickly.

Cafeteria Service

The days of standing in line as you wait to receive food and put in your student ID number are behind us, but the methods of serving food still stand in many adult settings. A cafeteria-style approach to serving guests is great for college party snacks.

Create a table or booth to serve snacks to people who come to the counter. This method will maintain organization and ensure people receive their food. You can also keep tabs on what you have and determine how much food you have left once the line begins to shorten.

A college party is no fun unless you provide snacks to satisfy your guests. Use this guide to know what to serve and how to serve it at a college party and make the best shindig on campus.

College Party Snacks: What To Serve and How To Serve It

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