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Buying Guide: How To Choose the Perfect Jerky Gift

Buying Guide: How To Choose the Perfect Jerky Gift

We’ve all felt the stress of picking out presents for our loved ones. We often hyper-fixate on finding items that effortlessly match the preferences of our recipients. Luckily, this process is quite easy when purchasing for a meat lover! Check out our helpful buying guide on choosing the perfect jerky gift.

Understanding Your Recipient

The best gifts are personal and fit the preferences of your recipient. That’s not to say that finding a present that checks all the boxes for someone is easy – it can be difficult and cause stress and anxiety. However, there are some ways to help you get to know your recipient better, leading them to almost tell you what they want for a gift!

First, if you’re considering a jerky present for this person, chances are they like different meats, food in general, and cooking. You’re off to a great start! But what’s the next step for selecting a genuinely thoughtful gift? We recommend covertly researching the recipient leading up to their special day – we call it jerky espionage.

Ask the following questions:

  • Have you taken up any new hobbies or interests? This question can give you better insight into their current likes and dislikes.
  • What do you do to unwind and recharge? By asking this question, you can pinpoint the ways your recipient gets comfortable.
  • What are your favorite snacks and meals? This inquiry can shed light on how an individual could utilize a jerky gift – they might find a use for jerky as a homemade salad topping or part of a game day spread.

Hopefully, these questions will help you narrow down specific products and factors such as flavor and animal meat preferences. If not, continue to question your recipient. Keep it casual, ensuring you don’t give away the surprise. As a last resort, you can ask more transparent questions to the recipient’s close friends or family. Chances are that these close individuals will be eager to help!

Finding the Perfect Flavor Profile

You’ve asked some leading questions and have a better idea of things your recipient likes – what’s next? How do these inquiries relate to jerky? Personality and preferences are highly connected to the flavor profiles that individuals enjoy! Here are some examples theorized and researched by Dr. Jen Nash, a clinical psychologist:

  • Those with “sweet tooths” are typically agreeable and display altruism.
  • Salty food lovers are often competitive and seek consistent gratification.
  • Individuals who enjoy sour flavors might appear harsh, but they commonly possess high standards regarding indulgences.
  • Spicy fanatics are adventurous people who take chances and seek new experiences.
  • Those who prefer bitter tastes are most likely introverted and sensitive.

So how does this information help you? In simplest terms, look for defining characteristics of your recipient that mirror some of these – if they’re fiery and boastful, they probably prefer salty or spicy jerky. And your sweet friend will enjoy a sweet snack!

But before you conduct psychological exams of your loved one, remember that these personality-to-flavor preferences aren’t always accurate, and some people like a multitude of tastes regardless of their social tendencies. Use this knowledge as additional help as you narrow down the perfect gift!

Consolidate All Your Shopping

At this point in the gift-getting process, you probably have a clear idea of what the recipient wants – now it’s time to shop! We recommend consolidation when purchasing snacks such as jerky. Or, more simply, get all your products in one shopping trip or online order.

Here at Lee’s Market Jerky, that means ordering a jerky bundle. This is when you can use your psychological skills from earlier to buy the perfect collection of jerky snacks rather than scouring the entire online store for multiple items. We feature curated bundles of jerky that we conveniently label by flavor profile.

The Savory Bundle, for instance, consists of Buttery Prime Rib, Old Plantation, and Pepper Garlic jerky, all of which satisfy savory lovers. But if mouth-watering flavors are more their speed, the Spicy Bundle contains the Devil’s Kiss, Cajun Beef, Hot Beef, and Mango Habanero Chicken jerkies. You can save time by going with a bundle that is sure to have something your recipient will enjoy!

But we don’t just classify our bundles by flavor – we also curate combinations of various meat types and dietary preferences. Remember how some eaters seek out food to experience something new? Well, our Exotic Bundle is the perfect gift for them. It consists of Original Ostrich, Cajun Alligator, Original Buffalo, and Original Kangaroo. The excellent Everything But The Cow Jerky Bundle is a great option for recipients who have specific dietary restrictions. So, no matter what you need, you can consolidate the entire shopping process to make your life easier while providing an excellent gift.

Throw in a Surprise

Up until this point, we’ve focused on the importance of knowing your recipient and finding a gift that matches their preferences. However, you should also consider the value of surprise – you can present your loved one with something they wouldn’t typically purchase.

For instance, your receiver may have never tried alligator meat. Include a pack of alligator jerky with your gift to add excitement and intrigue. If anything, this unique gift will be a talking point and memorable. So don’t be afraid to incorporate starkly different items with your gift to create something unforgettable for your loved one.

Complement With Other Gifts

Our last tip for you doesn’t directly relate to jerky, as it’s also a good idea to add something complementary to the jerky. For example, you can create a jerky basket that includes high-end nuts, artisan pickles, gourmet cheeses, and quality crackers. Find food items that pair well with the jerky products you selected. You can also include the perfect beer to complement the meat snacks. Regardless, including extra items demonstrates even more care and thoughtfulness and completes the gift.

Follow this buying guide on how to choose the perfect jerky gift and guarantee you satisfy the preferences of your loved one! If you need help constructing this present for your recipient, you can find and buy beef jerky online from our extensive collection here at Lee’s Market Jerky.


Buying Guide: How To Choose the Perfect Jerky Gift

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