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Beef Jerky vs. Chicken Jerky: Taste the Differences

Beef Jerky vs. Chicken Jerky: Taste the Differences

In the past 20 years, the variety of jerky products has exploded. Most people are familiar with traditional beef selections, but many more options are available for you that offer different flavors, textures, and experiences.

One popular item many individuals enjoy is chicken jerky because of its unique profile and numerous health benefits. If you’re looking to expand your snack pallet, here’s a guide on beef jerky vs. chicken jerky. Taste the differences by learning more!

Beef Jerky

If jerky is one of your favorite snacks, you’re probably already familiar with the flavor profiles of beef products. They’re typically smoky and mouth-wateringly chewy. Our own beef items come in over 20 different variations, each with complementary spices and seasonings that truly elevate the experience.

Beef does contain a higher amount of sodium and fat than poultry. Luckily, our selection comes from hormone-free animals, meaning you still get all the healthy benefits from rich proteins and vitamins.

Chicken Jerky

Chicken jerky has a taste that’s surprisingly different from beef. First and foremost, the overall flavor is milder and has lesser hints of smokiness. Instead, you get much more tanginess when biting into chicken jerky, which some individuals prefer.

Lastly, you still benefit from high amounts of protein, but the fat content is much lower than beef. Like all our products, we feature different variations of chicken jerky to complement its unique flavor profile!

Which Is Better?

If you’re still wondering which type of jerky is best, here’s your answer: both! Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preferences. If you like classic “cowboy” jerky, then beef is best for you. If unique tanginess is more your speed, buy chicken jerky and try it for yourself. Perhaps you like both, in which case you can purchase a bunch of different options to keep your taste buds entertained.

There will always be a debate on beef jerky vs. chicken turkey. Taste the differences yourself by trying some today! Lee’s Market Jerky offers many variations on all your favorite snacks that are sure to impress.

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