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7 New Beef Jerky Flavors for Adventurous Snackers

7 New Beef Jerky Flavors for Adventurous Snackers

Beef jerky opens the tastebuds to various flavors, from smoked teriyaki to chipotle lime. But for adventurous types who like to try new things, some new flavors are worth a try. Read on for more information on these new flavors of beef jerky.

Why Is Beef Jerky So Good?

Beef jerky has an exceptional taste that many people love. The taste of beef will usually have a thicker, tougher taste when eaten whole; beef jerky has a more accentuated savory and tender flavor. Beef makes a great form of jerky, and many people enjoy the taste of pure meat.

Beef has more protein than most types of meat and a high amount of zinc, iron, and other vitamins and minerals. Use beef jerky to add nutritional value to your meals and improve the flavor of certain dishes, such as soup or eggs. Compared to other jerky, beef jerky has fewer carbs and, in some cases, less fat, making it a healthy snack choice.

Why Try New Beef Jerky?

There are numerous beef jerky flavors, all of which have a unique taste. The texture and type of meat will add to the flavor and make it more delectable. Given the savory flavor of beef, many additional flavors will pair well with beef jerky. The muscle fibers of the jerky will soak in added flavors and create a delicious combination for people to enjoy.

Beef jerky has a reputation for having many different flavors because of its synergy with other tastes, and many people continue to show interest in new flavors that arrive in stores. Adventurous snackers will love new beef jerky flavors that excite their taste buds.

New Flavors of Beef Jerky

Keep an eye out for new jerky flavors that may release. The flavors for beef jerky will continue to expand into new territories, and you’ll find more unique tastes as time goes on. The flavors listed below are some of the newest beef jerky flavors for adventurous snackers that you should try.

Nacho Cheese Beef Jerky

Nacho cheese is a culinary invention loved by many and used for numerous different foods. Nacho cheese will include cheddar cheese, milk, and various spices to give it an enjoyable kick that makes the food you dip in it taste better. Combining the rich, spicy taste of nacho cheese with the fulfilling texture of beef jerky makes for a wonderful snack.

Nacho cheese beef jerky tastes like both foods and offers a smooth, spicy sensation. This beef jerky will taste great when mixed with nachos or by itself. Adding the spices inside of nacho cheese to the mix for the beef jerky creates an interesting flavor that you’ll love more with every bite.

Dill Pickle Beef Jerky

The dill pickle is a vinegar-based pickle that offers numerous health benefits. The probiotics help with the breakdown of food, and the strong taste of the vinegar helps with anxiety and nervousness. Pickles have an interesting taste that many people enjoy, and when mixed with the savory flavors of beef jerky, you’ll have a great snack with a tang that you won’t find in most places.

The thickness of the dried meat will pair well with the mouth-watering flavor of the dill pickle and leave you wanting more. The spices included in this jerky will accentuate the taste of the dill pickle. This jerky flavor will make a great filling for a Cuban sandwich, especially when minced.

Scorpion Pepper Beef Jerky

For those who love a spicy taste, scorpion pepper will satisfy your wants. The scorpion pepper has a higher Scoville rating than a ghost pepper, making it a powerful spice that requires proper handling. Spice and meat have paired well together for years, and with scorpion pepper beef jerky, that trend continues to blaze a path forward.

The scorpion pepper has a citrusy and fruity taste that you’ll enjoy when combined with the meaty flavor of beef jerky. Plus, the spice will create a delectable balance that sets your tongue tingling. If you want to add spice to a dish, use this beef jerky to create a special kick that will bring a nice citrusy flavor to the meal.

Pepper Garlic Beef Jerky

You’ll find that pepper garlic beef jerky has a taste that brings two common ingredients together and adds a beefy flavor to the mix. This beef jerky will have a delicious savor that many people will enjoy, as most are familiar with the taste of pepper and garlic.

The spice of the pepper and the pungent flavor of garlic will taste great with the savoriness of the beef jerky. This jerky will go well with almost any dish.

Bloody Mary Beef Jerky

Beef jerky makes a great garnish for Bloody Marys to add a meaty flavor topped off with spice. The Bloody Mary beef jerky will have a tomato-based flavor with beef as the main course.

This jerky has the same components as a Bloody Mary, minus the alcohol, and has various spices and other ingredients to bring out the taste of the jerky. You won’t need to worry about making a mixed drink with this snack, and many adventurous people will enjoy this new beef jerky flavor.

Horseradish Beef Jerky

Many people in the southern states will use horseradish as a spice or a condiment, adding pungent flavor to dishes. Combining horseradish with beef jerky will create a mildly spiced snack that anyone will love. The beefy taste of the jerky will offset the taste of the horseradish, and with the added spices, this snack will have a unique taste that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Devils Kiss XXX Beef Jerky

Lee’s Market Jerky specializes in unique-tasting jerky. The Devils Kiss Beef Jerky is a favorite among jerky lovers, and the Devil’s Kiss XXX will fill your mouth with exciting tastes. This type of beef jerky has a mixture of ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper peppers for a spicy, smokey taste.

The two peppers make the beef jerky extremely spicy and offer a distinctive taste that stands out among our spiciest jerky. You’ll have a wonderful sensation of spiciness with every mouthful, and the beef will fill your stomach with a warm feeling.

Beef jerky comes in numerous flavors, and experimenting with different tastes is a good idea. Be adventurous and try a new beef jerky flavor today, and you’ll potentially find a new favorite.

7 New Beef Jerky Flavors for Adventurous Snackers

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