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4 Sweet and Unique Chicken Jerky Flavors

4 Sweet and Unique Chicken Jerky Flavors

Many people enjoy the taste of chicken and the sensation of eating something sweet. Combining these two into a sweet-tasting chicken jerky makes for a delectable treat. There is a variety of sweet-flavored jerky for you to try, and some have unique flavors that stand out from the rest to make your next meaty snack a delight.

Honey-Sriracha Chicken Jerky

The sweet taste of honey and the spiciness of sriracha is a great combination for chicken jerky. This flavor of chicken jerky is sweet and unique, with mild spice and a subtle taste of sweetness for a relaxing snack. Sriracha has a spicy kick of chili with a dash of sugar, vinegar, and salt, balanced by the tangy sweetness of honey. This combination creates a more neutral flavor as you chew, but it won't completely erase the sensation of the sriracha.

Maple-Jalapeno-Cherry Chicken Jerky

Maple-flavored products are popular because of the sweet taste of maple sugar or syrup. When you combine it with the sharp spice of a jalapeno and the unique taste of cherry, you'll have a great-tasting chicken jerky.

In this jerky, multiple flavors combine to bring you a special experience for your tastebuds. The combination of cherry and maple will leave a pleasant sweetness as you chew, and the accents of the jalapeno top off the flavor trio with a prominent spicy yet earthy taste that blends well with the sweetness.

Mango-Habenero Chicken Jerky

The mango is a sweet, juicy fruit that makes a nutritious snack. The habanero is a chili pepper with a sweet taste and is spicier than the jalapeno. Combining spicy habanero with sweet mango makes a sweet and unique flavor of chicken jerky.

The sweetness from the mango and hints of spice from the habanero pepper work well together to deliver sweetness to counter the hot sensation on your tongue. Since habaneros are ten times hotter than jalapenos, this chicken jerky is great for people with a palette for spicy foods and who enjoy unique flavors.

Applewood-Smoked Chicken Jerky

Meats smoked over applewood are common in today's world, and that practice continues with applewood-smoked chicken jerky. This chicken jerky flavor absorbs the applewood smoke to give it a sweet and smokey flavor.

Using applewood smoke makes the jerky sweeter and brings out the spices that coat the meat. This chicken jerky also has a drier taste due to the smoke used in its preparation, making it a great beef jerky alternative.

Chicken jerky is a great snack and offers numerous health benefits in the form of added protein. When chicken jerky comes in these sweet and unique flavors, it will taste even better and leave you wanting more.

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