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3 Tips for Pairing Bourbon and Jerky Successfully

3 Tips for Pairing Bourbon and Jerky Successfully

Pairing meat and alcohol is a great way to enjoy both tastes. When you pair bourbon and jerky, you're in for a flavorful experience. Pairing bourbon and jerky successfully requires you to understand the best way to bring them together. Continue reading to learn helpful tips for combining the vanilla and caramel of bourbon and the slaty meat of jerky in a way that will satisfy your taste buds.

Try Sweet Jerky With Bourbon

Bourbon, while strong, has subtle flavors of vanilla, oak, and caramel. They give bourbon the distinct quality many people love to pair with foods. Pair sweet jerky with bourbon to accentuate the taste of both. Bourbon will clear the palate and leave more room for other flavors to become more pronounced.

When you eat jerky with sweet flavors, such as Hot and Sweet Beef jerky or Honey BBQ Beef jerky, it will combine with the sweet flavors of the bourbon for a doubled effect. You'll find plenty of options for sweet jerky at Lee's Market Jerky when you want to buy beef jerky online and pair it with bourbon.

Use Less Spice With Higher Proof

While spicy and sweet go together in many meals, it doesn't always pair well with bourbon. Since bourbon clears the mouth of most prior tastes and accentuates the strength of flavors, spicy jerky will become more intense. The cleansing ability of bourbon comes from its high alcohol proof, which will wash away the saliva in the mouth that mitigates the strength of spice.

Combining spicy jerky and bourbon is possible when you decrease the intensity of the spice. Eat mildly spicy jerky when consuming high-proof bourbon to balance out the heat. You can pair bourbon and jerky successfully and still feel the rush from the spice when you lower the intensity of the jerky.

Eat More Than You Drink

Bourbon is a strong alcoholic beverage, and you don't want to lose out on the great pairing by getting intoxicated. Second to water, food is often the best counter to alcohol, and eating more jerky will help you balance out the effect of the liquor. Fortunately, jerky often comes in bundles with every package. You'll have enough food to prep your stomach before consuming your perfect pairing of dried meat and quality bourbon.

Jerky and bourbon are a tasteful mixture that your stomach and taste buds will appreciate. Use these tips to make the best pairing possible, and enjoy your combined meal whenever you want an explosion of taste.

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