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3 Differences Between Beef Sticks and Beef Jerky

3 Differences Between Beef Sticks and Beef Jerky

There are numerous forms of meat that we love to eat because of their taste and convenience. Many people enjoy foods such as beef jerky and beef sticks, and the popularity of these two options has made them fantastic snacks. However, there are differences between these two iconic forms of beef.

Shape and Form

Both jerky and meat sticks have different shapes and forms. We cut beef jerky into thin strips and dehydrate it, making it light and flat. Manufacturers chop up beef, mix the meat into a soft mass, and place the product into a casing to create beef sticks.

Both meat products utilize spices, but beef sticks differ from beef jerky because their spices merge with ground-up beef. This difference leads to various spice experiences that may be strong in some areas but very subtle in others. Spicy beef jerky will often have a more accentuated taste than beef sticks, which sport a richer flavor and different texture.

Differences in Textures

There is a noticeable difference in texture between beef jerky and beef sticks. Both come from the muscle of cows and other bovine, but given the way they are shaped and formed, they will offer different texture experiences. Beef jerky is normally lean and tough, while beef sticks will have a soft texture due to how people craft them.

Many people enjoy the mouth-watering taste of jerky because you may chew on it longer than beef sticks. Meanwhile, the texture of beef sticks is ideal for people who want a quick snack or prefer softer foods.

Various Health Benefits

Both beef sticks and beef jerky have a common meat type, but each offers unique benefits stemming from their production differences. Since beef jerky involves steps such as the removal of fat, dehydration, and salting, it will have higher sodium and protein levels. These characteristics make jerky ideal for people with an active lifestyle who want to gain muscle.

Beef sticks will keep the fat from the cow and place it into the ground-up mixture, providing less protein but more fat, making it ideal for adding a fat to a nutritionally-balanced lunch. Both offer health benefits, so picking the right one for you depends on your goals and tastes.

There are numerous differences between beef jerky and beef sticks, although both are quite delicious. Understanding these differences will help you determine which one you prefer more and how either will benefit your body and entertain your taste buds! If you’re searching for gourmet beef sticks and unique jerky flavors, check out our selection at Lee’s Market Jerky!

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