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3 Common Misconceptions About Jerky

3 Common Misconceptions About Jerky

Jerky is an ever-present food in snack food aisles across the world. But its categorization as a “snack” creates a limited perspective in the public’s imagination about jerky’s strengths and benefits. Truth be told, there’s a lot that the general public doesn’t understand about jerky. In this article, we’ll explore three common misconceptions about jerky.

All Jerky Is Made from Beef

For most people, the word “beef” almost always precedes “jerky.” As a result, few people are aware of the wide array of meats used to make high-quality jerky. If you ever wish to buy jerky online, you’ll quickly find jerkies made from venison, turkey, lamb, and even more exotic animals such as wild boar and ostrich.

Jerky offers enough variety to fill a lifetime. People who don’t realize this are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to expand their palates. Don’t fall for this common misconception—nearly any kind of meat can become jerky.

All Jerky Is Unhealthy

Of the these three common misconceptions about jerky, potentially the most damaging to jerky’s reputation is the mistaken belief that all jerky is unhealthy. It’s true that some jerkies are high in sodium and therefore unhealthy. However, plenty of jerkies contain little to no sodium. Furthermore, jerky is an excellent source of protein. Jerky is a “complete” protein, which means it has all the amino acids the body cannot make itself. These amino acids will help your body repair itself and grow muscles. Add jerky’s zinc and iron value, and you have a healthy, delicious snack.

A Lot of the Meat in Jerky Is Filler

This nasty rumor comes from jerky’s chewy, tough quality. Some people believe that the bizarre texture indicates that the food cannot be entirely meat but rather a combination of filler ingredients. Rest assured, quality jerky comes from pure cuts of wild game, beef, fowl, fish, and many more animals. The chewy quality is the result of marinades combined with the smoking process.

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